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Posted by on Feb 23, 2014 in Before the Altar, Homilies, Sunday Homilies | 2 comments

Forgiving, not Forgetting

Forgiving, not Forgetting

7th Sunday in Ordinary Time – February 23rd, 2014

It’s no secret that forgiveness is hard, but I think we make it harder on ourselves. It could be so much easier! Like those staples commercials from awhile back, we could push the easy button on forgiveness if we just stopped making so many errors.  What errors are we making you ask?



Will Foster/ CC BY

We make three basic errors.

1.  We think forgiveness means forgetting. Nothing could be further from the truth.

2.  We think because we have trouble letting go it some how means we’re a failure. How could we let go of something that is so dear to us? If it hurts greatly we’re naturally going to hold on to it.

3. We believe forgiveness is a one time affair. Even with the smallest of transgressions we’ll be called to forgive time and time again.


Forgiveness isn’t about forgetting. Forgiveness is about the handing over of our pain, time and time again, until its no longer a memory of pain but of grace. This is forgiveness.

You can listen by clicking the play button below.


Featured Photo by Isidro Cea/ CC BY


  1. Thank you so much your homily Sunday meant so much to me. God Bless you.

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